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Working Outdoors

why work outdoors?


Nature is alive. All our senses become heightened and we move into a more vital and immediate process of change.


Nature is calming and healing and has a scientifically proven effect on the brain which leaves us in a greater state of body, mind and emotional coherence.


There is a natural rhythm and rebalancing in nature that can help us to see where we maybe out of balance in our own lives.

Each session has the potential to provide rich metaphors of how we interact with life. It can be a way to reconnect to a deeper more essential part of ourselves that transcends the distractions of our busy lives and busy minds.


Each session is 50 minutes long and we meet at a pre-designated spot at the entrance to Hampstead Heath or Brill common in Buckinghamshire.

Although we will be working in a public space, I endeavour to create a confidential setting where safety is paramount.

We will go out in all weathers,

(except in high winds and lightning storms) so suitable clothing is essential.

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